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11000 NW 29th Street, Suite 201
Doral, Florida - 33172
Phone: 305.591.7595
Fax: 305.593.9842
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North Central America

Honduras, Guatemala and San Salvador

Service Type: Lift-On/Lift-Off Service

Weekly Sailings (Every Sunday)
Port of Loading: United States, Port Everglades, Fl.
Port of Destination:

Puerto Cortes, Honduras
Santo Tomas, Guatemala
El Salvador, San Salvador

Frequency: Weekly Sailings (Every Friday)
Port of Loading: United States, Miami, Fl.
Port of Destination: El Rama, Nicaragua

Type of Equipment:

20'Dry Cntr., 40'Dry Cntr., 45'Dry Cntr., 40'RF Cntr., 20' OT Cntr., LCL,
40'OT Cntr., Flat Racks, Break Bulk, Self Propelled Vehicles and Units.

For more information please contact us at:

Miami:      305.591.7595 / Guatemala: 502.2505.2828 / El Salvador: 503.2508.0486 /
Honduras: 504.5576.901 / Nicaragua: 505.2268.4744